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With its simple setup, user-friendly interface, and multiple security options, Timbuktu for Windows is the remote control software of choice for your home, classroom, or small business. Remote control software for your Windows workstations. Designed for Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows Vista Remote Control Software.

When you're at the office, Timbuktu runs over your organization's local network for easy conferencing and information sharing. When you're home or traveling, you can use Timbuktu to take direct control of your office computer.
Once you connect to a remote computer with Timbuktu, you can run software at its normal speed, dramatically decreasing network-related delays of applications such as relational databases and electronic mail. Timbuktu gives you full access to remote resources, but transfers only screen, keyboard, and mouse information-you don't have to move large amounts of data over slow network connections.

With Timbuktu, you can
1. Save technical support time and money by taking control of a remote user's computer and solving the problem without leaving your desk.
2. Train employees and customers alike for a fraction of the usual time and cost. Demonstrate the latest applications or products while a remote user watches. Then observe and help as the user practices.
3. Provide individual attention for all remote trainees, and save the time and expense of travel.
4. Work remotely from wherever you are. Harness the power of remote control to share information, transfer files, access databases, and send messages across your network. You'll discover many ways to work easier and smarter.
5. Collaborate with remote colleagues in real time. Share screens, documents, and information with both Windows and Macintosh computers, and use text-based conferencing to confer with your colleagues as you work.
6. Run "LAN-locked" network applications such as databases without the frustration of slow run-time over remote links. Applications run on the remote computer, not across your network, reducing processing time dramatically.
7. Protect your own computer from unauthorized access. You can grant custom combinations of Timbuktu services to individual NT User and Registered User accounts, allow access only when you approve it, or prevent all incoming Timbuktu connections.

Timbuktu Pro from Netopia is remote control software that has been successfully used and proved for years by hundreds of organizations. The same features that earned it a sterling reputation as an indispensable IT support tool make it an ideal tool to deliver real-time contextual collaboration.

The basic concept is simple: a user invites visitors to share his or her desktop screen. For a simple presentation, the host user may choose to allow visitors to watch but not participate. However, if the host accords visitors control privileges the visitors can use their mouse and keyboard to control the host's system as if it were their own. By allowing visitors control privileges, a host and any number of visitors can work on a document simultaneously, making suggestions, agreeing on changes, brainstorming and experimenting until everyone is satisfied. At the end of the session, the document that the host saves can be truly complete and approved by everyone at the meeting: no review cycles or follow-up meetings are necessary.

Timbuktu Pro also integrates with other collaboration tools that users are already comfortable with, like the Skype VoIP client. Timbuktu Pro clients with registered Skype addresses can initiate Timbuktu sessions directly from their Skype contacts list, expanding a Skype call into a full-volume, real-time collaboration session.

Timbuktu runs as two separate applications: the Timbuktu Host listens for and accepts incoming Timbuktu connections, and the Timbuktu Guest establishes outgoing connections to other Timbuktu computers.

The simple, powerful Timbuktu application includes multiple services. Each service provides you with a different way to access a remote computer, collaborate with its user, or enable incoming access to your own computer. Together, they help you make the most of your network.
1. With the Control and Observe services, you can view another Timbuktu computer's desktop in the screen-sharing window on your computer. The window is continually updated as the other computer's desktop changes.
2. With the Exchange service, you can copy and move files and folders in both directions between your computer and another Timbuktu computer.
3. With the Send service, you can send text-based messages and attachments, similar to electronic mail, to other Timbuktu computers.
4. With the Notify service, you can query another computer to determine whether its user is present.

Timbuktu offers multiple levels of security that help you restrict access to the different Timbuktu services on your computer.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $169.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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