Loki VPN Client

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  • Date: Apr 21, 2012
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    Remote Access Software
Loki VPN Client Download
Free Download Loki VPN Client

Loki VPN Client will allow you to browse the net without revealing your IP. Loki Network allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and hides your real location (IP address). Everything you do through the Loki Network is done from the name of the Loki Network server and from its IP address. Connection between your computer and Loki Network is secured with SSL.

However, to protect your anonymity you still have to be careful about any data you fill in web forms and network applications you use locally (keep in mind that any locally running application will still have complete access to your real IP address).

Loki Network Project suggests you to surf internet as anonymous. Communications are based around a set of network servers all around the world, defending you from websites that gather information about your interests, your friends and sites you visit.

Loki Network Project is fully secured. It used statefull ciphers to safe your data from any other.

Loki VPN Client Features:
1. Easy to install. Just download Loki Network Client and you can use the service as Guest user (password: Guest).
2. Easy-to-use interface to create your own security profile.
3. Flexible engine to avoid problems with local and external traffic by detailed analysis of your network configuration.
4. Allow customization of security and quality of service as needed for specific applications and network services.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this remote access software.

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