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  • Version: 1.10 (x64)
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  • Date: Feb 08, 2019
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    Shell Extension
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Stexbar Download
Free Download Stexbar 1.10 (x64)

Stexbar provides a lot of needed commands for your everyday use of Windows Explorer.

You can add as many custom commands on your own as you like. You can directly execute the following:
1. Console
2. Copy Names
3. Copy Paths
4. New Folder
5. Rename

The commands are not just available from the toolbar, but also via hotkeys and via a context menu!
Have you ever needed to open a console window while you were using the explorer? And to have that console already set to the directory youre showing in explorer right now? Well, StExBar provides that with one simple mouseclick. Theres also a hotkey defined for this: simply press Ctrl-M to open the console.

A lightweight console is also available. Simply enter the command you like to execute into the edit box on the right of the StExBar and hit enter. The command will be executed in the system console.

Have you ever needed to have the name or full path of one or more files in another application? Ctrl-C doesnt work here, that wont copy the file path but the file itself. StExBar comes to the rescue. It provides two commands, one to copy all selected file/foldernames to the clipboard, the other copies the whole paths of all selected items. To make it even more easier to use this, a hotkey is defined Ctrl-Shift-C which copies the selected paths.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this shell extension software.

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