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  • Date: Dec 29, 2006
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    Image Editing Software
Shutterfly Studio Download
Free Download Shutterfly Studio 1.5

Shutterfly Studio is an easy to use, all-in-one digital photography solution that helps you get organized and be thoughtful and creative with your memories. Organize and browse pictures your way: by folder, date, using a five-star rating system, or by assigning keywords and captions. Choose picture size to browse thumbnails, view pictures at full-screen, or enjoy a slideshow with built-in pan & zoom effects. Manage and find pictures in your growing picture collection with powerful, fast search tools. Our picture compare tool helps you pick the best picture from a group of similar photos.

1. Manage your growing picture collection - easily organize 500 or 50,000 pictures with the same ease of use.
2. Choose how you want to view and organize your pictures:
3. Edit and enhance your pictures with 10 easy-to-use tools.
4. Easily share your pictures with family and loved ones either through email or via our amazing free Shutterfly share service.
5. Quickly upload pictures from your computer to your on-line Shutterfly album with a few clicks.
6. Order high quality prints directly from Shutterfly Studio and have them delivered right to your door.

The free software all-in-one for Windows that makes it easy to edit your photos and send them to Shutterfly.
* Take pictures of your camera and quickly arrange them on your PC
* Make your images have better appearance with 20 editing tools easy to use
* Upload pictures, share online, or order copies of high quality printing with ease
* Create collages to order as a poster or print of this photo.

Creative ways to view your photos
1. View images in thumbnail size and quickly navigate through folders
2. Review images in full screen and select what you want to edit and upload
3. Sit back and enjoy a stunning slide show pan-and-zoom
4. Add a picture frame of the desktop and see a mini slide show of your favorite images while you work on your PC
5. Use Shutterfly Studio to customize your screen with your favorite images

Use Shutterfly Studio to customize your screen with your favorite images
1. Collection quickly and easily transfer images from your camera, memory card, CD-ROM or hard disk
2. Choose how you want to view and organize your photos
3. Evaluate your images with the rating system of 5 stars

Enhance your photos with 20 powerful editing tools and easy to use:
1. Before & After: Predict your image will look like after the issue with the single view Before & After
2. Basic Fixes: Crop, rotate, and make your images look better with self-correction, bleaching and refining
3. Perfect Photos: remove red eye and rejoice with the use of smiles Whiten Teeth
4. Create Legal Effects: Change images in black and white or tone SEPI, or make them look like an oil painting or a poster graphic two-tone

Shutterfly Studio Plus keep your original photos safe. Mesmo se voc salvar uma foto editada, voc sempre pode restaurar a vers o original, n o editada. Even if you save an edited photo, you can always restore the original version, unedited.

Easily create collages to order as a poster or print of this photo.
1. Featuring up to 400 images in your collage
2. Choose from over 150 inspirational layouts or create your own
3. Add captions and titles using 18 sources of your choice
4. Personalize your collage with boxes of color, colored backgrounds and borders of the picture
5. Request easily affixed to a printed poster or a product personalized photo

Preserve your images and share the joy
1. Add your pictures to Shutterfly account online with a few clicks
2. Request prints or enlargements of high quality conveniently within Shutterfly Studio
3. Share your photos with friends and family in Shutterfly Studio

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image editing software.

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