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Scheduler FE is a tool designed and built to sit on top of Oracle's Scheduler module. The new tool, Scheduler FE, where FE stands for Front End, is designed to allow the user to gain access to the information that is required from the database. It offers a set of screens that enable the properties of the internal scheduling system to be seen easily. It allows the user to move easily from one area to another so that the information required can be easily retrieved.

Scheduler FE allows the underlying objects to be seen as a whole. It shows the relationships between them in a graphical tree structure and then by highlighting the specific object the user can see the values that have been assigned to it.

The Scheduler FE has been designed and developed as a front end for Oracle's Scheduler utility. For the Scheduler administrator it aims to give a greater vision of the scheduler objects thereby allowing the administrator to gain a greater vision of the whole picture. Additionally it makes the administrators tasks simpler by simplifying the modification of the underlying objects. It has update, delete, copy and insert functionality that calls the existing Oracle Scheduler package but removes the time consuming task of creating the scripts.

In addition it provides tools to allow the administrator to obtain a view on the expected Jobs to be run at any time in the future in addition to seeing the log of jobs that have already been run.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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