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  • Date: Jan 06, 2010
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Recsound Download
Free Download Recsound 5.0

RecSound is a Windows application designed for recording sound from various audio sources:
1. telephone lines (with adapter)
2. radio receivers
3. microphones

One line input of sound card gives two recording channels (left and right channels of stereo input).
Actually RecSound consists of two applications: the "RecSound core" and the "Control" application. RecSound core doesn't have any user interface, total control of recording system is provided by control application. RecSound core can be installed as Windows service or set to auto loading in application mode after Windows startup. Control application can be started anytime to listen audio records or change application settings. It doesn't work without RecSound core is started.

Auto recording on:
1. audio level in recording channel becomes above the trigger level;
2. audio level in recording channel becomes below the trigger level;
3. voice presence;
4. by schedule (can be on one day or on week);

Recsound Features:
1. realtime monitoring of audio signal in recording channel (user can hear recording sound), with possibility of automatic gain control (AGC), denoising and spectrum inversion;
2. Decoding phone line signaling: DTMF tones, Caller ID, so-called Automatic Number Detector (using in former USSR countries);
3. Fax messages decoding;
4. sound processing: automatic gain control, denoising;
5. database with password query mode and records selection;
6. selected records can be saved in other folder and later can be loaded to the database again with all information (dates, notes). So, user can record files in one computer and process them on another one.
7. Embedded player with audio view and audio processing (AGC, spectrum inversion, equalizer);
8. Sound file ciphering mode (ciphered sound files can be played by embedded player only);
9. RecSound Core can be installed in Windows service mode;
10. Automatic erasing of old files, keeping stetted percent of disk space free;
11. Recording audio fragments in one file with time of each fragment saving. (This is useful in radio nets with little traffic recording);
12. Circular buffer (recording audio information which has been sounded before the record was turned on). You don't lost any second of audio information!
13. Stealth mode of RecSound Core. (RecSound Core is not visible even in Windows Task Manager's process list).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $90.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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