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ProSeq Download
Free Download ProSeq 3.2

ProSeq stands for "Processor of sequences" and that's what it is - a program to handle ("process") DNA sequence data.

ProSeq was developed to facilitate routine work involved in preparation of DNA sequence polymorphism datasets, from the very first steps of checking sequence chromatograms to the final steps of checking the dataset before the analysis and preparing input files for many DNA polymorphism analysis programs. The DNA polymorphism analysis functions were added to ProSeq mainly to run the data via preliminary analyses, which often helps to identify and fix problems with the dataset, such as misalignment, the presence of paralogs etc. It also includes miscelaneous handy tools for dataset preparation, manipulation and analysis. These tools were added because we needed them in our day-today lab work and it was easier to add them to ProSeq than to write standalone small programs. For example, I added a sequence plate editor in order to simplify preparation of labbook reports of what was sequenced in what well of the sequencing plate. Thus, as such, ProSeq is mainly an advanced sequence editor with some (fairly limited) analysis functionality and it is advisable to use other programs for final analyses of clean datasets.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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