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  • Date: Mar 29, 2010
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    Information Management
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A personal information management software that includes a powerful and stable thought map.Pooter is cross-platform program ; it should be possible to run it on any java (5.0 or later) enabled system. Having said that it's been developed on Gnu\Linux, receiving a little testing on various Windows systems as well. However at various stages of it's development it's known to have run perfectly well on FreeBSD and Mac OS X. If you have problems, provided the system has a java 5 runtime, I'll help out

There are five modules, all with a Personal Information Management slant. Its plugin architecture means that it is easy to remove modules you don't wish to use; with a little more difficulty(!), new modules could be written to run in the "container" that Pooter provides. If the Notes module is installed, there are options to easily link to or transfer data to and from the other modules.

Pooter can be configured to cooperate with other programs, such as a browser, email client etc; in every case you are free to choose your favourite program. There is no "lock in". All data is stored in standard non-proprietary formats and can be accessed by other commonly available programs such as browsers and text editors. In some cases there are also options to export the data solely for use by other programs.

A single installation on multiuser systems, can be configured for either private or shared data. It can also be configured so that a user can access data over a local area network.

Pooter Features:
* fast, simple yet powerful thought map
* nodes can have web page, another thought map, or any other file as a resource
* single click to conceal or reveal child nodes
* easy transfer of whole branches to a new map
* view full size notes module on Windows XP
* save and display daily appointments
* support for recurring appointments
* automatic time or numbering for appointments
* appointments searchable by keyword
* create and display HTML diary / journal pages
* support for font styles, colours and sizes
* include an image in your pages

* Java Runtime Environment

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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