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  • Date: Apr 10, 2010
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All-In-One Compression Suite. PerfectCompress is able to compress files to ZIP, 7z, PAQ, ZPAQ, RZM, as of version 5.0, to Flashzip, Rings, Hook, PACKET, BZP and as of Version 6.0 to a lot more formats. The software also features a format that is a combination of PAQ and 7z which I call UCA ("ULTRA Compressed Archive" or for a longer name "ULTimate peRfect space sAver Compressed Archive"). The software is also able to extract all of the mentioned compression formats.

PerfectCompress can convert PAQ, RZM, CSC, and CCM files to the software format UCA without the need of recompressing the file (see What is UCA? for more information). Lastly, PerfectCompress features "Store-On-Disc", an amazing feature that formats your rewritable DVD media and use it to compress files directly to DVD. Give PerfectCompress a try to fully assess its capabilities!

PerfectCompress includes an extraordinary feature called Store-On-Disc, which, as the name suggests, allows you to compress files to a DVD-RAM/-RW/+RW disc. The drawback of this is that to be able to use this feature, you will need to have Windows Vista or Windows 7. Store-On-Disc only compresses files to UCA format. Also, it allows you to copy already compressed archives from the DVD to PC (PC to DVD feature has been removed since you can just copy the .uca files into a Thumb Drive, Hard Disk Drive or other Removable Media). For those logger lovers, the Store-On-Disc feature has a logging system which tracks everything the program does (Compress, Extract, Copy, Delete, etc.).

To explain all of the above in simple words: This is a great software and a GUI for ZIP, 7z, PAQ, ZPAQ, RZM and the new UCA, as of version 5.0, Flashzip, Rings, Hook, PACKET, BZP are supported, and as of version 6.0, LPAQ, FPAQ, FLZP, zpipe, BCM, BBB, QUAD, THOR, BALZ, and LPQ are supported. The software has a lot of great features in it, so I recommend everyone that download this software and start using it now. And as of Version 4.2, the software is a single executable.

1. Compress files and folders to more than 40 formats
2. Compress your files to different versions of a compressor.
3. Extract more than 40 different compression formats
4. Precompress and Recompress your files to allow better compression
5. Optimize ZIP, RAR, and 7z archives to make the archive the smallest possible
6. Store-On-Disc allows file compression directly to DVD-RW/+RW/-RAM
7. Archive Converter converts your PAQ, RZM, CSC, and CCM Files to UCA without recompressing them.

Please Note: This software features various experimental compression formats. Because of this, it is recommended you do not compress data with formats you are unknown. If you want to compress important data, please consider using ZIP or 7z. Other formats may work, but can fail or give extraction problems.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file compression software.

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