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Free Download MySpeed PC VoIP 3.0c Build 1298

MySpeed PC VoIP analyzes your Internet connection to determine the potential quality of voice communication. It not only measures broadband speeds (upload/download speeds), but also Jitter, Packet Loss, and bandwidth consistency, which are directly relevant to the connection quality for VoIP communications, and may cause interrupted or garbled conversations. The program offers 4 test server location, one in the US, three in the UK. The results are presented in a graphical report.

MCS MyVoIP accurately tests the most important VoIP performance measurements that affect VoIP call quality, namely jitter and packet loss, including the important aspect of packet loss distribution.
MyVoIP is an optional component of the MyConnection Server (MCS) framework. MyVoIP supports measuring and reporting any of the major VoIP codec protocols (such as the G7xx codec) deployed by the VoIP service providers. This ensures an accurate measure of the connection being tested for the VoIP protocol used.
MyVoIP also supports VoIP capacity testing which is ideal for pre-qualifying both consumer and business VoIP deployments as it allows the connection capacity to be ascertained, as well as the connection quality. Non-standard codec protocols are also supported through the ability to define any custom codec that may be required. Because of the difference in bi-directional speeds for DSL and cable connections, MyVoIP is able to specifically measure upstream and downstream jitter and packet loss independently if this is supported by the VoIP platform.

MCS MyVoIP simulates voice traffic over a network connection and determines the supported levels of VoIP sound quality. Try the MyVoIP VoIP quality test.
* See the levels of jitter and packet loss occurring on a network connection and determine the associated VoIP quality
* Perform continuous VoIP quality testing from multiple remote locations for ongoing network performance management (requires Remote Test Agents)
* Pre-qualify potential subscriber connections
* Perform network assessment testing for VoIP
* Provide a self-branded connection testing portal for your customers

Key Features:
* Measures UDP jitter
Jitter occurs when data packets do not arrive at the destination in the same order they were sent. MyVoIP simulates voice traffic over a UDP connection and measures the amount of jitter occurring, and reports the associated level of voice call quality.
* Measures video and audio packet loss
When data packets are lost or discarded it negatively impacts video quality. MyVoIP measures the amount of lost and discarded packets and reports the associated level of sound quality.
* Customize VoIP simulation test, test load capacity
Select a codec to use for the VoIP simulation to conform to your or your VoIP provider's environment, or test the performance using multiple VoIP lines.
MyVoIP simulates the following codecs: G.711 (64 Kbps) G.729 (8 Kbps) G.723.1 (6.3 Kbps) G.723.1 (5.3 Kbps) G.726 (32 Kbps) G.726 (24 Kbps) G.728 (16 Kbps)
VoIP test settings that can be customized include packet size, number of send packets, and number of VoIP lines to simulate.
* Reports the number of supported VoIP lines
MyVoIP measures the bandwidth capacity of a connection and reports the number VoIP lines the connection can support.
* Reports the Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
MOS is a numeric measure of the sound quality of a communication connection. Although the score is subjective it provides a widely-used method to rate the quality of voice communication. The score is normally between 1 and 5 with 5 being the best. In MyVoIP, a VoIP simulation that drops below 3.5 is considered poor quality, a measure of 4.2-4.5 is considered good quality.

Shared Services Key Features:
* Automated Remote Testing (CAT Add-on)
Easily perform automated network testing from remote systems, to continuously measure connection quality over time, or to quickly troubleshoot a connection problem during a support call -- all managed from the browser-based MCS control panel. See the network path and performance originating from a remote customer desktop or remote data center, to your application server or other location.
* AlertAdvisor (CAT Add-on)
Get instant notifications by email of poor test results, set alert levels for Informational, Warning or Critical, see real-time browser-based reports for alert status.
* Satellite Servers (CAT Add-on)
Perform broadband testing to remote systems, easily deploy satellite testing servers to see broadband performance between multiple points on a global network, remote customer locations, partner locations, etc. Satellite servers can be created and deployed in minutes, easily managed from the MCS control panel.
* SQL Database API (BusinessCenter and NetworkCenter only)
Automatically capture MCS metrics to an external MySQL or SQL Server database.

MCS Key Features:
* Centralized Database with browser access
Easily perform automated network testing from remote systems -- see the network path and performance originating from a remote customer desktop or remote data center, to your application server or other location. More info.
* Customizable Display enables self-branded connection testing portals
The MCS browser-based connection tests are performed via Java applets, which can be easily incorporated into your own web pages with your messaging and branding. You can create multiple web pages utilizing the same Java applet, with customized HTML, JavaScript, or different applet configurations to provide different views and behaviors as desired.
* Plug-in Architecture
The MCS framework architecture enables you to mix and match network analysis tools and service to fit your environment, and provides the flexibility to easily modify and add components as your business needs grow.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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