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  • Date: May 05, 2012
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    Image Viewer
Multiff Download
Free Download Multiff 0.68

Multipage TIFF file editor. Multiff enbale you to edit multi-page TIF files in the following manner: spliting TIF files, combining common graphic files to TIF file, extracting, deleting, inserting, replacing, and moving pages. Automatic image edition using macro script is possible.

1. Doubleclick Multiff.exe
2. Open file(s) from File Open in File menu
3. Edit file from Delete/Extract in Page Menu
4. Following edition, tempimage.tif will be created in the application folder.
5. Save tempimage.tif as an appropriate filename by selecting SaveAs in File Menu.

1. To hide and show toolbar and log window, toggle the menu from View Menu.
2. To expand and reduced image size, press right and left buttons on the image pane
3. To rotate images 90, 180, and 270 degrees, press each rotate button.

Run and Stop Macro
1. Run: Select Run from Macro menu. Select macro file
2. Stop: Select Stop from Macro menu
3. Edit: Select Run from Macro menu and press edit button following selection of the existing macro
4. Auto runt: Macro runs automatically by starting multiff with argument (e.g., multiff test.dms)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image viewer software.

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