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  • Version: 7.2 (x64)
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  • Date: Aug 04, 2017
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Free Download Mixtikl 7.2 (x64)

Mixtikl is a fun, powerful & open music application and plugin for VST hosts. Generative Music Mixer, Arranger & Performer. Mixtikl is based on the long awaited but never released miniMIXA V3. Mixtikl goes much further, though, as it includes new features and it works with other software products from Intermorphic. Mixtikl is a unique tool for making more ideas on the move.

At the top of the Mixer UI is a display area with 3 "tabs", and beneath that the Top Toolbar. The menu button is the leftmost tab, and the right most tab (which is not a button) displays either the mix name, or, briefly, a tooltip for thehighlighted cell. The central tab displays the mix time, and selecting it pops up the global volume slider.
The Top Toolbar gives button shortcuts to a number of key actions, such as track volume/pan display toggle, solo/mute,play/stop, mix recording, mix tempo/root, mic recording, EQ and global FX.
The central "content area" displays 12 tracks which contain 4 content cells (blackish when empty, with text displayedwhen loaded). When the mix is playing, any content cell that is playing displays a grey triangular mote indicator (ifempty), and a white triangular mote to indicates which bar of the content is playing (e.g. bar 4 of a 4 bar loop). Each ofthis tracks is split into a number of cells (columns).
The Bottom Toolbar gives button shortcuts to a number of key actions, such as video tutorials, mute/solo store/restore,section locks, tools, and the actions menu.

Mixtikl Features:
1. Mixtikl 2 is available for: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac OS X and Windows
2. 12 track generative music & audio/MIDI loop mixer
3. Up to CD quality stereo output (user configurable, device dependent)
4. Includes over 100 generative "parts"
5. Includes over 30 audio loop beats
6. Includes over 50 FX presets
7. Content types supported: Noatikl files, Partikl files, Audio (Ogg Vorbis, Wav, AU), MIDI
8. Supports add on user content in the form of Paks, simple zips of content - mix your own content!
9. Supports add on content in the form of Intermorphic Tiklpaks
10. All Intermorphic Tiklpaks allow the creating of royalty free music
11. Extensive & customisable randomisation capabilities to allow easier creation of new mixes
12. iDevice - Import audio files via Intua clipboard (Apple General Pasteboard) supporting: WAV, AU, Ogg and MIDI files
13. iDevice - iOS4 fast app switching, and playback that continues when Mixtikl is backgrounded
14. Transfer Tiklpaks/Paks, audio recordings, mixes to/from desktop Mixtikl 2
15. Use FX on individual tracks and/or a global mix level
16. Time stretching & pitch shifting of mix content
17. Individual track volume & pans + global volume control
18. Solo/Mute tracks
19. Lock each of 4 columns/sections
20. Randomise track/column values
21. Track cell types: Sequence, One shot, Loop
22. Save mixes to .mixtikl file format
23. Record mixes to audio files (.wav or .au, with range of user configurable options)
24. Export .mixtikl files (vector audio) for Web, Tweet, Forum Post, Email
25. Import .mixtikl files (vector audio) from Email (clipboard)
26. Make microphone audio recordings (external mic required if no internal mic)
27. Integrated Noatikl Generative Music Engine
28. Integrated Partikl MIDI DLS wavetable synth
29. Integrated Partikl FX audio units: Chorus; Reverb; Fast Reverb; Filter; Distortion; Overdrive; Delay; Equaliser; Compressor; Amplifier (volume/pan)
30. Integrated Partikl FX control units: LFO; Envelope; Amplifier
31. Integrated Partikl Tone Generators (only accessible in desktop versions): Oscillator; Particle; Dsynth

* VST host

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $11.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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