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Mapinspect features Map Comparison, marker highlighting and graphical display of Pair-wise recombination estimates on the final map. View genetic linkage maps with this program.

MapInspect is a small program for the (1) display and comparison of genetic linkage maps, (2) highlighting of (parts of) markernames and (3) visualization of "tension" within linkage maps.

1. Map Comparison
When the maps that are displayed contain common markers (the marker-names need to be identical!), Mapinspect will connect identical markers on separate maps with connection lines, thereby visualizing similarities or dissimilarities between these maps.

2. Marker Highlighting
This allows emphasis of a subset of all markers, e.g. all markers belonging to certain AFLP primercombination. This can be very helpful to quickly scan for primercombinations that give a nice coverage over a chromosome.

3. Tension plot
Linkage maps are the result form a complex process of dealing with a large amount of information. The basis of linkage maps are the observed recombinations between markers, resulting in distance estimates for each possible pair of markers.

Please Note: this program is free for non-comercial use only.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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