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  • Date: Jul 13, 2010
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    Trojan Remover
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MalRunDestroyer Download
Free Download MalRunDestroyer 1.1.0

Temporarily disable a handful of common malware, spyware and virus processes. MalRunDestroyer is a simple console program for finding and temporarily disabling a handful of common malware, spyware and virus processes. The scan completes in under a second and lists any malicious processes that it have been terminated. You can then use this information to find out more about the threat and hopefully remove it.

Custom.ini Usage:
What is Custom.ini?:
The custom.ini function allows you to terminate any process that you choose with MalRunDestroyer. You simply create a list in a text file, put the file in the same directory as MalRunDestroyer and run the program. Each process on the list will be terminated instantly using MalRunDestroyers unique process terminator function.

Creating the file:
Simple create a new text file from the context menu in the same folder as MalRunDestroyer.exe, and name it custom.ini

Adding processes to terminate:
Open 'custom.ini' in notepad (or any other text editor) and add the names of the processes you wish MalRunDestroyer to check for. Add one process per line, and do not add the .exe on the end of the process names. Eg:
* badprocess
* anotherprocess
* iexplore
* notepad
* exmple

Running the custom rules:
Make sure the custom.ini and MalRunDestroyer are in the same folder in order to run the custom rules. All you have to do then is run MalRunDestroyer as you normally would - it will detect the file and terminate all the processes you have specified.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this trojan remover software.

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