Radix Anti-Rootkit

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  • Date: Mar 19, 2010
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    Trojan Remover
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Radix Anti-Rootkit Download
Free Download Radix Anti-Rootkit

With Radix Anti-Rookit you can detect and remove rootkits that are hiding on your PC mostly going undetected by normal Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software.

Your computer is behaving strangely but your Anti-Virus Software does not find anything? You might be the victim of a rootkit hiding on your computer. Rootkits hide inside of your computer and capture whatever you do. They send your sensitive personal and financial data to hackers.

Radix Anti-Rootkit uses a broad range of methods detecting and fixing the problems caused by rootkit and allow the power user to easily spot rootkits on a system.
Detection methods range from detecting hidden Processes over detecting hidden Registry keys to complex detections of modified System Calls and hidden Streams, often containing Viruses or Spyware.
Additional features include extensive logging , deletion of "locked" files and the possibility to save processes to the harddisk for further investigation.

Here's what Radix does...
1. Detects and removes Rootkits using sophisticated methodologies.
2. Detects and repairs drivers that have been modified by Rootkits.
3. Detects and repairs computer processes modified by Rootkits.
4. Detects and reveals hidden processes and files, including Alternate Data Streams (ADS).
5. Detects MBR Rootkits.
6. Allows the removal of "locked" or "unremovable" processes and files.
7. Provides to dump memory areas from processes.
8. Shows the Global Descriptor Table (GDT) for advanced Rootkit Detection capabilities.
9. Shows the Import Address Table (IAT) for advanced Rootkit Detection capabilities.
10. Shows the Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) for advanced Rootkit Detection capabilities.
11. Shows and fixes rootkits found in the Service Dispatcher/Descriptor Table (SDT).
12. Shows hidden Registry Keys.
13. Operates in both command line mode for power users, or as a graphical tool for regular users.
14. Shows and terminates all kind of Windows Handles.
15. Allows removal scripts to be run to help in rootkit removal.
16. Detects SYSENTER Rootkits.
17. Detects hidden Services.
18. Detects hidden Handles / Registry Callbacks.

Although this software is free please donate to help support the software and site costs.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this trojan remover software.

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