MSSQL Compressed Backup

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  • Date: Jul 31, 2011
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MSSQL Compressed Backup Download
Free Download MSSQL Compressed Backup 1.2 Build 20110729

Compress your SQL server databases with this application. SQL Server Compressed Backup is a command line utility for backing up and restoring SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 databases in various compression formats including gzip, zip64, and bzip2.
Project Features
1. Open Source. SQL Server Compressed Backup is released under GPL v3.
2. Compress on the Fly. SQL Server Compressed Backup compresses the data as it saves the data. No temporary files are used.
3. Standard Formats. Your data is important, so it stores the data in a standard SQL Server *.bak file, compressed in standard gzip, zip64, or bzip2 formats so that it is easy to restore the database using the method you are most comfortable with. Though SQL Server Compressed Backup can also decompress and restore on the fly.
4. Reliable. SQL Server Compressed Backup faithfully stores the bytes that SQL Server writes and compresses with well known and reliable compression formats. The uncompressed data is in the same format as the standard BACKUP DATABASE command.
5. Pipeline Architecture. SQL Server Compressed Backup uses a pipeline architecture to backup the data. This allows you to pass the data through a compression plugin, and then, one day, through an encryption plugin (when an encryption plugin exists). Any number of plugins, including plugins you write can be used in the pipeline.
6. Multithreaded Compression. SQL Server Compressed Backup can compress your backups using multiple threads to take advantage of multiple cores.

The first argument for the msbp.exe command line utility must be one of the following commands:
1. backup
2. restore
3. help
4. listplugins
5. helpplugin
6. version

A backup command backs up a database to a file. It has the following syntax:
msbp.exe backup <database plugin> [<transform plugin>, n] <storage plugin>

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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