MIDI Chord Helper

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  • Version: 20091003.1
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  • Date: Mar 16, 2010
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MIDI Chord Helper Download
Free Download MIDI Chord Helper 20091003.1

Chord-visualizable MIDI Sequence. MIDI Chord Helper visualizes chord progression of your MIDI files. You can play the music by clicking chord symbols. After clicking chord, you can play arpeggio by rotating mouse wheel.

The chord buttons are placed by order of the Circle of Fifths, and four background colors which indicates the feeling ( Pink:Local, Yellow:Hot, Blue:Cool, Green:Remote ) can be shifted by clicking key signature button, so you can understand key & chord's relationship visually and easily.

MIDI recording/editing/playing, connecting to external MIDI IN/OUT devices also available with this software.

You can enjoy and learn about music chord progression by watching the shapes (+, square, circle etc.) appered on the chord buttons.

If you created new MIDI file, please try to play it on this software. and you can find mismatch between meta-event (key signature, time signature, tempo, lyric etc) and other event (notes, chords, and its timing, etc).

Software requirement: Sun Java2 VM.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this audio utility software.

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