Isotopes and Atomic Mass

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Isotopes and Atomic Mass Download
Free Download Isotopes and Atomic Mass 3.02

Isotopes and Atomic Mass can help you to learn about isotopes. Are all atoms of a given element the same? How can you tell one isotope from another? Learn about isotopes, and about how to calculate the average atomic mass of an element.
1. Define "isotope" using mass number, atomic number, number of protons, neutrons and electrons
2. Compare and contrast: element, atom, isotope
3. Given the number of protons, neutrons and electrons, find the mass and name of an isotope
4. Given the name of an element and the number of neutrons, find the mass of an isotope
5. Give evidence to support or dispute: "In nature, the chance of finding one isotope of an element is the same for all elements."
6. Find the average atomic mass of an element given the abundance and mass of its isotopes

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