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Image Compressor enables you to compress your JPEG images with little or no quality loss, depending on the compression profile you choose. The program comes with several presets that allow you to optimize images for specific uses, and you can also create your own profiles.

In addition to image compression, you can select to resize or rotate the output image, add a watermark (text or image) and apply several effects, including sharpness, contrast brightness and blur. Image Compressor can process a single image or multiple images at once. The results, even in the `Extreme compression` mode are very good.

The perfect post-production software, Image Compressor 2008 provides everything you need for storing, viewing, retouching and sharing your photos. Using its comprehensive set of tools, you can easily import, capture, scan, retouch, compare, share and compress your images more efficiently than ever before.
Compress Your Photos With Industry Standard
Enjoy powerful image compression.
Using JPEG standard image format, Image Compressor 2008 lets you compress your photos with confidence. No more traditional JPEG quality setting, no more JPEG artifact, no more blocky image. Image Compressor lets you save your photos at the most optimum size and manage the quality automatically for you.

Professional Image Viewer
Do you have growing photo collections? Everyone has. And that's why Image Compressor 2008 is armed with professional image viewer. With extensive supports of image file formats, you can now easily view your photo collections. Digital camera RAW image is now supported. Viewing your Canon's CR2 CRW, Nikon's NEF, Kodak's DCR, Olympus's ORF are now as easy as viewing your JPEG.

Powerful Image Comparison Tool
Do you take multiple photos for one occasion? Everyone does. We know it isn't easy to choose which photo looks best. With the help of Image Compressor's image comparison tool, you can now compare 2 images side by side to decide which one looks best.

Retouch Photo Like The Pros

Professional-strength image retouching tools is now packed into Image Compressor. Things you often see in expensive, for-professionals-only software now come right into your desktop. Easy for beginner yet powerful for professionals, that's Image Compressor retouch functions offer you.

Batch Process
Batch compress your images, batch resize, batch thumbnail maker, batch watermark, batch photo album creation. All supported by Image Compressor.

Image Compressor Features:
Image Viewer
>Views from removable drive
>Views more than 50 major image file formats
>Supports DSLR RAW Image
Image Comparer
>Side By Side Comparison
>Scientific Analysis. PSNR, MAE, PAE, MSE, RMSE
Image Retouch
>Resize Image
>Resize Canvas
>Trim Canvas
>Lossless Image Rotation
>Lossless Image Fliping
>Merge And Blend Multiple Images
>EXIF Editor NO
>Image Crop Tool
>Region Selection: Rectangular, Polygon, Ellips, Lasso, Similarity (Magic Wand)
>Contrast And Brightness Adjustment
>Hue, Saturation, And Value Adjustment
>Hue, Saturation And Luminosity Adjustment
>Red, Green, Blue (RGB) Adjustment
>Per Channel Histogram Equalization (Red, Green, Blue, Gray)
>Gamma Correction
>Auto Gain Adjustment
>Auto Equalize Histogram
>Auto White Balance
>Convert To Negative
>Convert To Black And White (BW)
>Convert To Grayscale
>Lightning Adjustment
>Warmth Adjustment
>Fix Red Eye
>Auto Enhancement
>Remove Noise
>Contrast And Brightness Adjustment
>Soften Portrait
>Contrast And Brightness Adjustment
>Blur, Sharpen
>Pencil Sketch
>Contrast And Brightness Adjustment
>User Filter (3x3 Matrix)
>Bump Map
>Lens Effect
>Contrast And Brightness Adjustment
>Wave Effect
>FFT Filter
>Support Photoshop Plugin (.8BF) NO
>Text And Annotations
Image Tray (Batch Process)
>Unlimited Files
>Recursive Folder
>Create Web Photo Album, HTML, Javascript and Flash
>Create Animated GIF NO
>Create Multipage TIFF NO
>Create Multipage PDF NO
>Export To Microsoft Word NO
>Export To Microsoft PowerPoint NO
>Bundle Multiple Images Into Zip File NO
>Batch Compress
>>Batch Convert And Compress From More Than 50 Major Image Formats,
>>Including SLR RAW Image
>>Re-compress JPEG File
>>Digital Eye Engine, 4 Levels
>>Limit File Size
>>Preserve EXIF
>>Batch Rename Or Compress To New Folder
>Batch Resize
>>Proportional By Percentage
>>Proportional By Width Or Height
>>Proportional. Set Maximum Width Or Height
>>Exact Size. Specify Width And Height
>Batch Rotate
>Batch Watermark
>>Text Based Watermark (Stamp)
>>Image Based Watermark (Stamp)
Screen Capture
>Capture Entire Desktop
>Capture Active Window
>Capture Windows Object
>Capture Selected Region
Grab Images From Internet NO
Save Image As
>Traditional JPEG (Set Quality 0-100, Not Using Digital Eye)
>TIFF Bitmap
>Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
>JPEG 2000 (JP2)
>Single Page PDF
>Windows Bitmap (BMP)
Set Image As Wallpaper (Center, Fit, Tile)
Send Image To Email
>As Compressed JPEG (Digital Eye Enabled)
>As Original Image File
>As Zip File

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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