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HDR PhotoStudio is the only solution capable of creating HDR images that truly unlock the full range of color as perceived by human vision. The software grants complete control over the colors within an image and provides a comprehensive toolbox to address the effects of merging multiple exposures, while simultaneously improving workflow.

Edit and enhance your pictures with this application. HDR PhotoStudio is a useful application that was designed in order to help you edit and improve the appearance of your digital photos. It offerrs multiple editing features and is very easy to use.

HDR PhotoStudio Features:
1. High Dynamic Range, Accurate color, Full color gamut
HDR PhotoStudio is the only HDR software available that features accurate color, full color gamut and HDR editing capability. HDR PhotoStudio is the only imaging software based on a color model of full human vision, rather than a particular display device.

2. Color Integrity
When you use HDR PhotoStudio tools, your image will not exhibit any of the color shift problems commonly associated with image editing in traditional tools. What does this mean exactly? - In HDR PhotoStudio, when you change anything related to brightness (brightness, contrast, shadow/highlight, sharpness, etc), the color tones of your image will not change. Vice versa, when color tones are changed (such as in white balance, saturation, color tuning, etc), your image's brightness and contrast will remain intact.

3. Full featured, high-precision HDR editing
HDR PhotoStudio offers a unique, powerful and easy-to-use image editing tools. For the first time, full featured 32-bit floating point image editing has become available. You don't have to degrade your image quality to 16- or 8-bit - in HDR PhotoStudio, every operation always works in high precision mode.

4. Industry leading HDR compression
Your HDR images benefit from the highest image data compression of any HDR software. With HDR PhotoStudio you get full gamut, accurate color HDR images - compressed into a JPEG-sized file. Save disk space and enjoy faster uploads/downloads.

5. Advanced HDR rendering
Work on a single HDR image, or merge multiple images together to create an HDR image - and you won't experience the color artifacts you get when using other HDR programs. This advanced HDR rendering technique combined with the other advantages of human vision color modeling takes traditional color management to a new level.

6. Undo/Redo
Quick Undo/Redo of editing actions. Create recipes from the editing history, including the history of past operations saved in BEF image metadata.

7. Support Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop BEF file format plug-in available - you can open, edit and save BEF files in Photoshop.

8. Noise Elimination
Exceptional noise reduction tools - reduce brightness noise and color noise. Our patented noise reduction technique preserves more of your fine image details, which are often washed out if using competing noise reduction tools.

9. Powerful operations
Veiling Glare adjustment - reduce haze created by veiling glare (stray light reflecting between camera lens surfaces). White Balance, Color Tuning, Tint (toning), Local Contrast, Shadow/Highlight with halo reduction and much more!

10. Loaded with features
Preview image thumbnails for most image types (including RAW images). Batch operation - process multiple images with custom recipes. Drag-n-drop series of source images into HDR PhotoStudio to automatically launch HDR merge. Work in full screen mode for an unobstructed view of your masterpiece photography.

11. Perfomance optimizations
HDR PhotoStudio supports multiple core CPUs - performance scales almost linearly to the number of CPU cores. For example, on a dual core CPU you will have about 2x an increase in speed, on a quad core - 4x improvement. On 8-core systems it will fly!

12. Native 64-bit support
x64 platform is supported natively (Intel or AMD). By using the latest 64-bit computing architecture you get additional performance boosts and remove legacy memory limitations of 32-bit systems.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $149.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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