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  • Date: Nov 22, 2013
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IMCapture for Skype Download
Free Download IMCapture for Skype 2.1.41

IMCapture for Skype captures and records audio calls made from Skype. Recorded audio calls are saved as MP3, WMA or AAC files and video calls as Quicktime Movies (MOV), MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF and FLV. Calls can be replayed, shared, archived, or studied. SkypeCap is valuable for business, a practical tool for everyday and very easy to use. Get a free trial version of IMCapture for Skype today.

Wouldn't you love to stop time and take a minute to catch up? It's nearly impossible to take notes during a call session and keep up with the conversation. Stay in the conversation and keep the discussion moving when the Skype call is recorded with SkypeCap. Do you wish you could be in two places at once? With Skypecap call recorder software you can make that 3pm sales call in person and not miss a word of the 3pm conference call. When the Skype conference call is recorded and saved with SkypeCap, you simply watch and listen to the recorded call later, when it's convenient for you.

Skype calls recorded with IMCapture for Skype can be referenced again and again. Video and audio calls are saved and can be converted in into several different file formats. Use the saved calls to hone your phone presentation skills. A saved conference call can be distributed to anyone who missed the original call. Sales calls and interviews can be saved and more carefully reviewed later.

IMCapture for Skype records your Skype calls for you. It's so easy now to record your call, listen to it later, and save it forever.

IMCapture for Skype is a valuable business tool.
1. Record important conference calls.
2. Distribute saved calls to your organization.
3. Use the recorded call as the meeting call report.

IMCapture for Skype is great for personal use.
1. Record audio Skype calls from far away loved ones.
2. Share recorded calls with family and friends.
3. Playback important calls to get all the details.

IMCapture's control panel is straightforward and easy to use.
1. Record audio calls automatically or start and stop recording where you like.
2. Change the Sample Rate to improve the audio quality or decrease the file size.
3. Specify an output folder location to keep your recorded calls organized.

And because Skype can also be used for telephone and cellular calls, IMCapture for Skype can also record these calls. Any kind of call made with Skype can be recorded with SkypeCap:
1. Conference calls
2. Cellular calls
3. Telephone calls
4. Skype to Skype calls

IMCapture for Skype Features:
1. Record Audio or Video
2. Start and stop recording any time
3. Time Lapse indicator
4. Output Folder location control
5. MP3, WMA or AAC audio file formats
6. Quicktime Movies (MOV), MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF and FLV video file formats
7. Record privately

Configuring IMCapture for Skype
1. IMCapture for Skype is quick and easy to configure.
2. Start IMCapture for Skype.
3. On the File menu, choose Output Folder (or click on the Output Folder toolbar icon). The output folder is the location to which IMCapture for Skype will save your recorded audio and video sessions. You can also use the Browse button to choose your output folder.
4. On the File menu, choose Setup Sound. Follow the instructions on the panel to configure your sound settings.
5. On the Settings menu, choose Video Settings (or click on the Video Settings toolbar icon). Specify the codec and quality level that IMCapture for Skype should use when capturing video. Some codecs permit you to set additional properties. Specify the FPS rate (how many frames per second that IMCapture for Skype should save). Click OK when you have finished.
6. On the Settings menu, choose Audio Settings (or click on the Audio Settings toolbar icon). Specify the codec and quality level that IMCapture for Skype should use when capturing audio. Some codecs permit you to set additional properties. Click OK when you have finished.
7. IMCapture for Skype is now configured!

* Skype
* Records only 4 minutes

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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