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  • Version: 1.1
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  • Date: Oct 30, 2010
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HexInsight is a professional hex/structure editor which can edit binary files. HexInsight is a professional hex and structure editor for viewing and editing binary files. In addition to a flexible and fast hex/binary editor, it also has a built-in powerful scripting engine which is used to run the scripts that can parse complex binary files into hierarchical structures to let you explore the internals of binary files and edit them.

HexInsight is shipped with scripts to parse many types of file formats which include
1. zip/7z, PE/ELF/Java class files;
2. bmp/ico/GIF/png/jpeg file;
3. wave/midi/mp3/ogg/avi/flv/mkv/mp4/mov/asf/rmff files;
4. dvd and blu-ray navigation files;
5. mpeg PS and mpeg2 bitstream files.

By using HexInsight, users can also process the files easily. For example, users can extract the video or audio data in a AVI file by simple selecting "dump audio". Users can also write scripts to parse any other file formats and process the files.

HexInsight Hex edit features:
1. Eidts big binary files (up to 260-1 bytes)
2. Has insert and overwrite modes
3. Has a binary editor
4. Uses different colors for different types of bytes
5. Very fast and works fluently
6. Unlimited undo/redo
7. Copy/Cut/Paste
8. Can paste bytes as customizable text
9. Can save selection to file
10. Can insert/overwrite with bytes/files
11. Find/Replace/Goto/Bookmarks

Structure edit features
1. Has a powerfull script language and engine that are designed specifically for parsing files
2. Directly runs the scripts and the speed is very fast
3. Automatically identifies a file's format
4. Can parse complex files. For example, MPEG2 bitstreams
5. Many data types: byte/sbyte/short/ushort/triple/striple/int/uint/long/ulong/float/double/hex/bits/struct/array/stream
6. Supports function objects (closures)
7. Easy accessing to structure nodes and files
8. Customizable node fonts and colors
9. File tools include: markers/methods (process files)/scipt list
10. Can easily specify a node's value format, for example, integer/string/value list or values calculated by scripts
11. Shipped with many scripts to be used as examples/templates

Other features
1. Has a built-in folder and file browser to open files easily
2. File Info window displays properties (created by scripts) to allow users check them quickly
3. Bit Graph window can display an integer's bit fields in graph
4. Users can easily configure the fonts and colors of the Hex/Structure windows
5. Supports printing.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $79.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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