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GridSQL is an open source shared-nothing clustered database system for data warehousing designed for EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus and PostgreSQL. GridSQL includes intelligence to parallelize over multiple servers for achieving faster query response times.

GridSQL is a parallel, clustered database system designed for data warehousing solutions. Its objective is to allow queries involving large volumes of data to execute in parallel across multiple servers in order to return results back more quickly.

The software utilizes other systems, called nodes, each of which houses its own independent database. Each underlying database is Postgres Plus 8.3 or later, or PostgreSQL, running in a shared-nothing architecture, typically using commodity PCbased hardware.
To allow for quick response times, the database administrator (DBA) employs strategies to partition each table in the database, typically based on a computed hash of a column. The optimizer intelligently recognizes when to join tables locally or when it needs to send data to other nodes. Various other techniques are used to achieve linear or near-linear scalability.

GridSQL clusters together independent database nodes and presents them as a unified, virtual database. GridSQL's intelligent partitioning engine allows data to be distributed across all nodes in a configurable manner, and then parallelizes query execution across the distributed infrastructure. Important features of GridSQL include:
1. Performance: Leverages parallelism to quickly and efficiently perform queries on large data volumes
2. Standards-Based: Supports Structured Query Language (SQL)
3. Connectivity: Compatible with the PostgreSQL protocol
4. Works with EnterpriseDB's or PostgreSQL's drivers including JDBC, ODBC, and .NET provider
5. Administration: Flexible configuration options and administration

GridSQL can run under Windows, Linux or any other platform that supports Java. Although EnterpriseDB GridSQL runs in a Java Virtual Machine, it should be pointed out that most of the resource intensive work is done within the native underlying
databases, with GridSQL coordinating the work.

GridSQL has a single process that executes on the coordinator node. In a simple configuration, the other nodes merely have the underlying database utilized. For greater scalability, a GridSQL Agent process may execute on each node.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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