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    Image Editing Software
GrabPng Download
Free Download GrabPng

A visual editor for PNG files. GrabPng is a simple tool designed to provide you with a quick means of editing ONG images.
Put grabpng anywhere you like. Make a shortcut to it on your desktop or in your programs menu. If you want to use grabpng in batch mode, you'll want to add its location to your PATH environment variable.

If you installed grabpng correctly you can click the icon or type "grabpng" at the command line to use the visual editor.

If you are using grabpng from the command line you have powerful batch options available to you:

-grab <x> <y> Set contents of grAb chunk in files.
-alph Create alPh chunk in files.
-noalph Remove alPh chunk from files.

The <x> and <y> -grab values can be expressions.

Variables allowed in expressions are:
* w - image width
* h - image height

Constants allowed in expressions are:
W - 320
H - 200

Keyboard Shortcuts:
* Ctrl-S Save current image
* Z Load previous image in directory
* X Load next image in directory
* L Lock guides
* Tab Select next control
* Arrows Select controls
* Space Activate selected control
* Esc Quit program

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this image editing software.

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