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  • Date: Nov 29, 2010
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GateProtect VPN Client Download
Free Download GateProtect VPN Client 3.0

GateProtect VPN Client is a VPN-client for contection of laptop and home-based workstations. This Client supports IPsec as well as VPN-over-SSL.

A lot of competitors only work web browser based. The gateProtect VPN-Client allows absolute access in the ssl-mode, if defined in the rule type. So it is possible to use a multitude of applications through the SSL-VPN-tunnel like remote desktop.

gateProtect attains a similar high security standard at VPN-over-SSL like certificate-based IPsec by using X.509 certificates. But by using VPN-over-SSL-Tunnel there is more flexibility.

The VPN-client supports the Single-Click-Connection developed by gateProtect. The VPN-tunnel can be established with only one mouse-click in co-operation with the configuration-file which can be exported from the firewall.

Advantages of the gateProtect VPN Client:
1. high security standards through X.509 certifikats at VPN-over-SSL
2. high compatibily through IPsec and VPN-over-SSL
3. availability of all services through VPN-over-SSL-Tunnel
4. perfect co-operation with gateProtect firewall
5. easy installation with Single-Click-Connection

1. Control of the user-based security policy
The "Layer-8 Technology" from gateProtect treats the user identity as the 8th layer of the OSI model.
All gateProtect "Next Generation UTM Appliances" offer security and productivity at all levels and across all services - from layer 2 to layer 8 with identity-based policies.

2. Future-proof with high security
Most modern firewall systems support proxy-based user authentication. This means that only those services which work with proxies such as HTTP or FTP can be issued to specific users.

The gateProtect firewall has rule-based Extended User Authentication which allows any number of services to be assigned to one user or a group of users. These services can be provided with all the known additional options such as proxies or web filters.

If a user logs on to the firewall from a computer, all the assigned services for the computer in question are enabled.

gateProtect offers you two ways of logging onto the firewall:
1. Web browser/UA Client: logon is via an HTTPS connection.
2. Single sign-on: Kerberos automatically passes the log on to the domain to the firewall.

The extended user-authentication of gateProtect captivates through
1. The release as many as desired services for a person
2. Configuration of the services for groups
3. Configuration of the services for active directory groups
4. Approval of services also in the intranet
5. Guaranteed future, because of future services are also configurable.
6. Single sign-on by Kerberos during registration at the windows domain
7. Browser-Login for operating system independence

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this remote access software.

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