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  • Date: Jan 01, 2011
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Molecule visualization made easy. This is a GTK/OpenGL based program for displaying isolated molecules, periodic systems, and crystalline habits. It also acts as a GUI to packages such as GAMESS, GULP, and POVRay to provide energy minimizations and publication quality rendering.

GDIS Features:
1. Support for many common file formats (CIF, PDB, XTL, XYZ, and many more).
2. Job submission tools for computational chemistry packages: GAMESS, GULP, ReaxMD, and SIESTA.
3. Job analysis and graphing tools for dynamics simulations.
4. Useful manipulation tools, including matrix transformations and supercell construction.
5. Powerful surface generation and crystal morphology tools.
6. Diffraction pattern generation and plotting.
7. Animation of multi-frame files.
8. Assorted tools for visualization (measurements, ribbons, polyhedral display).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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