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Folder Guide is a handy shell extension that allows you to quickly access a list of your favorite folders from the Explorer right-click menu. You can easily switch to a folder from within Windows Explorer, the Open/Save dialogs of applications, or directly from your desktop or the Start button. New folders can simply be added to the list via the right-click menu, or from the Settings dialog. Folder Guide also includes an option to launch folders in Explore mode when they are opened directly from your desktop or Start button right-click menu.
* Quick jump to folders in common Open/Save as/Browse -dialogs.
* Quick jump to folders in Windows Explorer and the desktop and the Start Button.
* Easy to add folder to the list of "Folder Guide".
* Easy to edit or reorder folders in the list of "Folder Guide".
* Runs automatically as part of the Windows Explorer context menu etc.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shell extension software.

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