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  • Version: 3.4.0 Build 8487
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  • Date: Jan 23, 2012
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    Internet Phone
Firefly Download
Free Download Firefly 3.4.0 Build 8487

FireFly is great for business people, family and friends to talk to each other anywhere in the world, while connected to the internet.

Firefly, bridges the barriers between instant messaging and VoIP. FireFly adds to its offering an upcoming direct bridge to standard telephone lines with very low prepaid calling-rates anywhere in the world, and (also forthcoming) full interoperability with other VoIP networks and with the H.323, MGCP, SIP protocols.

Totally free from advertising, spam and the parental worries associated with most other internet communication tools.

FireFly is an Internet Phone program, that allows you to talk to friends anywhere in the world, using the Internet and the free Firefly software.

The interface is very easy to use, just punch the number of your (Firefly) contact, or select it from the address book.

The program also includes a voicemail feature to keep track of calls while you are away or talking to someone else. The program uses your internet connection and voice over IP technology, so there is no charge for these calls.

The people you call however need to have the FireFly software installed.

1. Small program: fast to download and uses very little system resources
2. Intuitive user-friendly menu
3. Instant messaging and free calls to other Freshtel users
4. Free Voice Mail system

Main Features
1. Will work via broadband or dial-up Internet access
2. Allows calls to other Freshtel users as well as landlines and mobile phones
3. Compatible with USB Handsets and standard headsets
4. Compatible with all SIP or IAX ATAs and 3rd Party VoIP Hardware
5. Drag-and-drop contact list with ability to create contact groups for easy management
6. Mouse-over popups on contact list for easy access to information and contact management
7. Online status indicators to show if your contacts are online or offline
8. Ability to set your own online status
9. Set custom ringtones and on-hold music
10. Keeps a log of all calls made/received as well as Instant Messages
11. Online My Account system for easy tracking of calls and real time call records
12. Ability to top up your account online for the Free plan, as well as monthly plans for Post-Paid billing.
13. Multiple diagnostic log levels for problem solving
14. Ability to place call on hold
15. Works with any Windows compatible audio device including wireless headsets
16. Built-in Audio Wizard for fast and easy Audio configuration
17. Ability to have multiple calls in progress simultaneously
18. Support for conference calls and call transfer
19. Advanced Echo Cancellation for better sound
20. Microsoft Outlook Integration that displays Outlook contacts in the Firefly Contact List and a Firefly toolbar to be displayed directly in Outlook
21. Automatically checks for updates online
22. Pop-Up notifications alert users to a contacts online status and for incoming calls

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this internet phone software.

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