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FileScan Tool Pro is a powerful workflow-management tool. FileScan Tool Pro is a powerful workflow-management tool. Use FileScan Tool Pro to automate almost anything you can think of. From file handling to automated email handling, FTP upload and download to database tasks and much more. Choose from more then 90 commands to create your workflows. Use the flowchar style GUI to simply drop commands onto the workflow and draw arrows between the commands to direct the (work)flow.All workflows are executed by daemons which run as full windows services. The standard version has 10 separate daemons which each can run virtually unlimited workflows. The separate daemons ensure independant processing to balance your workflows. There is also a 20-daemon and 30-daemon version available.

A workflow is configured using the Configuration Manager. Typically you configure a workflow to monitor a directory (hotfolder) for incoming files and execute the workflow-script which is associated with the workflow when a file is found. This is called a hotfolder-trigger. The workflow can be programmed to scan the hotfolder at preset intervals, which can be an interval in seconds, an absolute time or a specific date. Because the workflow-script is file-triggered, each file that is found will be processed separately. This means that each time a file is found, the workflow-script will be executed. You can choose from a list of internal variables to program the workflow-script to process the file. See the Internal Variables section for a detailed explanation.

Apart from the hotfolder-trigger you can program the workflow to use the scheduled-trigger. When using this trigger the hotfolder options are disabled, because the workflow will be triggered by the preset interval-setting, rather then by the contents of a directory.

Using the workflow-plugins you can combine different workflows to build very complex flows. There is no limit to the number of workflows you can configure.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR3149.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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