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  • Date: Feb 19, 2017
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Free Download Directory Linker 2.1.1

Directory Linker is a small Winforms application that allows the user to quickly and easily create Symbolic Directory links in Windows Vista and Windows 7. (Note XP is not supported) Directory Linker is a portable opensource tool which makes creating a symbolic directory possible in just a few clicks. Choose the link location and the folder that you want to link too and hit Go. In case the link location already exists, you can choose to delete the content inside it or first copy them to the target folder and then delete the content.

The process for creating a symbolic directory link for a folder that already exists is a bit clunky, you have to:
1. Create the target
2. Copy any existing content to the target
3. Delete the folder you want to be a link
4. Start cmd.exe and then enter the mklink command along with the full paths of the folders you want to link

Directory Linker helps with this, it is very basic UI that allows you to enter where you want the link and where you want to link to. You can just delete the link place or copy the contents over first. Use these options at your own risk, I will not be held responsible for any data loss.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this shell extension software.

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