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  • Date: Aug 13, 2010
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DJ Cronnor Download
Free Download DJ Cronnor 2.10

True reliable software beatmixing. DJ Cronnor is a DJ-tool for a hybride analog/digital equipped club. It contains a full-featured dualdeck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a playlist-system for usage inside a bar. DJCronnor is made to be
* controlled without a mouse, so 100%-keyboard-controlled
* used with your traditional analog mixer with old-style analogue knobs and faders to have fast no-
nonsense control over the volume and the eq in the traditional way

DJ Cronnor is not a toy to demonstrate (semi-automatic) beatmixing with nice graphical animations (like most DJ software). Also, because you don't need the mouse, you can actually use it in real-life situations. DJ Cronnor is not designed for real usage without an analog mixer, at all - there are zero volume controls available in the software (because you don't need them when you have a mixer). So remember: DJCronnor is to be used with a mixer, and without your mouse.

DJ Cronnor Features:
1. play .aac, .ogg, .mp3, .wav or .aiff files
2. search easy (just start typing) and fast through your files
3. search for last added files (like 'date:30')
4. for DJ's: a stack with numbers that you might want to play
5. for the bar: a playlist system which you can create by drag-and-drop
6. ASIO or Direct-Sound drivers for low-latency
7. beat-mixing with pitch-control and scrub-control buttons
8. 5 small build-in audio-effects, like a flanger, comb-filter, ringmodulator and more
9. generate an SQL-query with two tables with all titles and tracks
10. 3 invisible levels in scrolling ahead/back, depending on the keystroke length (a few milliseconds - a few seconds - about 15 seconds)
11. read MIDI-input from light-controllers
12. generate DMX for Entec OpenDMX-USB boxes
13. lightweight (needs only about 5+30MB internal memory) so you can run it on very old computers
14. includes an integrated webserver 'CronnorCaster' which allows you to search, download and play (through an included streaming flash player) tracks

The most important things to get started are:
1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment (any version on this page will do)
2. Download and install DJCronnor itsself
3. Windows only: download and install ASIO drivers that came with your soundcard, or install ASIO4all, for life-usage reaction speed to your keyboard strikes.
4. Set your display to 1024x768 (not necessary though), as this is the best resolution to run DJ Cronnor
5. Start DJCronnor, and don't touch that mouse.
6. Don't use the mouse
7. Remember that you do not need the mouse
8. To set some settings (like where your audio folder is, and which soundcard to use), press the scroll-lock.
9. After locating your collection, just type in any name (like the letter 'e') and press enter to search through your files.
10. Now press up and down to scroll through the result.
11. When you're in the left view, press the spacebar to add a file to the list of files at the right
12. Press left or right to go from the left view to the right view and back.
13. Press control+left to put a file into the left player, and control+right in the right player.
14. Use F1 to start playing the left player, and F9 to start the right player. ( If for some reason you don't see the timers showing the running & remaining time, then press scroll-lock and select a working driver for your hardware).
15. The first time you start the first song, it might take slightly longer to claim the sounddriver from the OS. When you start the second song or any next sound, the reaction speed will be unnoticably small. The reason for claiming the hardware as late as possible, is that if DJCronnor is not playing, you can use your soundcard in an other piece of software without having to close down DJCronnor.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music&mp3 player software.

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