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  • Date: Mar 30, 2010
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Apple TV Patchstick Creator Download
Free Download Apple TV Patchstick Creator 3.0

Apple TV Patchstick Creator (atvusb-creator) USB flash drive creator for the AppleTV. The uber USB flash drive creator for the AppleTV. Creates USB flash drive based installers that include patchstick, factory restore and various LInux distributions.
Brought to you by the creators of atv-bootloader and many others.

Remember that some USB flash drives just will not format correctly and if you have problems try another brand. Minimum flash size is 512MB. Follow the GUI and select "ATV Patchstick", make sure to select the correct disk and hit the circling arrows to the left of the drive menu if you insert the USB flash drive after launching atvusb-creator.

Apple TV runs on a custom version of OS X 10.4.7 which has a modified frontrow interface. To modify the Apple TV or create a "patchstick" we need to create a custom image with the software we wish to install. This USB is formatted in a special way that Apple TV understands by restoring a special image that is created with Apple TV Patchstick Creator. Apple TV boots a minimal Linux distribution (called atv-bootloader) of this USB drive and installs our desired software. A modified Apple TV is now in place.

Running the software:
Extract the contents of the ZIP file and read any notes that are packaged with the accompanying executable.

Stage 1 (Firmware Selection)
Despite no change to boot.efi, it is good if you ensure that the firmware you are patching is the same as the firmware on your Apple TV.

Stage 2 (Choosing Software)
Next you need to choose the software/payloads that you would like to be installed when you patchstick your Apple TV.

Stage 3 (Create Patchstick & Restore to USB)
While this may not seem to be a Stage and may seem to simply be clicking a button, one can be assured there is much more to it than that.

Patching the Apple TV
It can't really get much simpler than this. Now that you have a flash drive with the modified image on it, you need to put it in the Apple TV. Hold MENU and - buttons while doing this to force the Apple TV to begin the recovery process. This will kick off the search for mass storage devices with recovery information.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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