AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop

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  • Date: Dec 16, 2009
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AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop Download
Free Download AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop 1.1

Designed to help optimize your PC the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop can help you get smoother, more responsive performance and greater efficiency for the things you do most with your PC. With the simple touch of a button it works by temporarily shutting down software processes you may not need and boosting or optimizing processor speed depending on your intended task. That means you can you can run your PC even more efficiently when doing lighter tasks like enjoying multimedia or surfing but can get even more performance out of your PC when you demand it.
1. Ignite gaming performance
2. Optimize for media playback
3. Make your PC hyper efficient

Made with simplicity in mind, we still let you behind the curtains and into the advanced interface to change how the utility works. You can customize with user selectable profiles to further optimize your PC for for your own personal PC experience. Also, you can easily build your own profile and choose exactly what you want disabled for a leaner footprint. Want to squeeze every bit of performance from your system? Engage our most advanced acceleration technologies such as Auto-Tuning and Hard Drive Acceleration.2 Push the limits of how lean and mean you can make your PC.
1. Choose from multiple pre-loaded profiles, performance and optimization
2. Customize user profiles for personalized optimization
3. Overclock or underclock and take control2
4. Engage advanced acceleration technologies

Requires either 32 or 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, administrator rights and a system with an AMD CPU.

Installation Instructions:
1.Download AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop. If prompted, choose to save the file on your Desktop
2.Locate the file and double-click it. If you receive a security prompt, choose to continue.
3.Click I Accept to accept licensing terms and click Next.
4.If you receive a message that you must run the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop as Administrator, click OK.
5.Choose the location where you want the application to install and click Next. The AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop is installed.
6.Click Close to finish the installation.

Getting the most out of the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop:
* Install AMD Overdrive to Auto-Tune your CPU.
* Install ATI Catalyst Control Center to Auto-Tune your GPU.
* Configure the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop profiles to run at maximum aggression

How to use?
1. Install the Fusion utility
2. In order to Overclock your CPU or GPU within the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop you must do the following
3. Install Catalyst Control Center and complete a successful Auto Tune within Catalyst Control Center
4. Install AMD Overdrive and complete a successful pass of Auto Clock within AMD Overdrive
5. Open the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop utility and the Simple Mode icon will appear
* Once you have opened AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop you will see the Fusion icon.
* If you press the Fusion button, the Default profile will be engaged.
* When the icon is in the state below, the utility is disengaged
* When the icon is in the state below the Fusion Utility is engaged.
* Please note that the default profile is Basic.

6. If you press the + button, the advanced mode of the AMD Fusion Utility for Desktop utility will appear
7. Within Advanced mode you can do the following
8. Create a New Profile
9. This option will create a new profile where you can select the processes that you would like to turn on/off
10. Edit a Profile
11. This option will edit an existing profile
12. Delete a Profile
13. This option will delete a preexisting profile
14. Run/Stop a Profile
15. This option will engage the profile selected or disengage a profile that is already engaged.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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