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MKV file re-muxer for consoles. rebox.NET demuxes a selected video and audio track from an MKV container for the purpose of remuxing to a more suitable container for playback on the XBOX360 and/or the PlayStation 3. No attempt is made to do any video conversion, only audio is converted, if needed. Programmed on Windows 7 x86 using .NET 4.

the MATROSKA button is used to load in your MKV file, which will then quickly be scanned and the tracks contained within will be shown, allowing you to select whichever compatible tracks you require. Certain checks are made on these tracks, certain tracks may be greyed out and thus not selectable, more on this later.

Pressing (left-click) the mp4 button will allow you to select a destination folder (and name) for the reboxed file. By default, both input and output folders are set to My Videos, and their paths are persistant, they will be remembered between program runs. So if you usually load in files from a particular folder, or save files to a particular folder, they will be remembered to save you time.

Also, by default, the output file will automatically take on the name of the input file (less extension) so once you have set your output path, you may never need to even bother using the save file option again, your file will always be saved using the name of the input file to your last chosen folder. The ? button just gives some program information and links along with two further options.

You can change the default work or temp folder from the normal system temp set by windows to either your input or output folder. This could come in handy if for whatever reason your system drive is extremely low on drive space, it allows you to move the work folder to one of your other larger drives. As long as you have about three times the size of the original file in free space you should be OK leaving it on the default. If you have less than twice the room you will receive a warning.

The other option is to allow you to split your files. Because consoles will only read USB memory sticks that are formatted using FAT32 we much adhere to its requirements. FAT32 does not allow a single file greater than 4GiB so if your output is going to be larger than 4GB, I recommend using this option, split it at 4GB, or if you prefer, in half. The green button is obviously start.

* NET Framework 4.0

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video converter software.

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