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iWisdom is a desktop program that will help you manage and maintain a list of quotations and insightful ideas. It will help you manage a list of quotations or other brief insights. iWisdom can import and export quotations in a wide variety of formats. Multiple categories (also known as tags) may be assigned to each quotation, and quotations may be viewed by category. Fields such as title, author, source, year of publication, and others, can be stored with each piece of wisdom. Your collection may be easily searched by author, title, source, text, or category.

iWisdom Features:
1. a number of related fields, including title, category, author, source, year of initial publication, and rights;
2. storage of your wisdom in an open, non-proprietary XML format;
3. multiple sorting and selection fields;
4. multiple files with remembered viewing options for each;
5. multiple categories and levels of categorization, with a tree view to let you see your items within categories;
6. automatic Web Publishing;
7. automatic XML publishing (to create RSS feeds, for example);
8. a Find function;
9. a Category Mass Change function;
10. Web Page validation;
11. an import capability that can extract existing wisdom from a number of different file formats;
12. options to modify the look and feel of iWisdom;
13. a transfer function to convert a wisdom item to readable plain text, with a corresponding accept function to convert the plain text (after possible transmission via e-mail, etc.) into a new wisdom item on another iWisdom list.

Import Quotations
To jump-start your Wisdom collection, select Import from the File menu, then select the Portable Wisdom collection from the Favorites drop-down, then click on Import. (You will need an active Internet connection to import any of the Favorites.)

iWisdom is able to import wisdom from a number of different formats (including plain text and multiple XML-based formats). When importing, iWisdom will recognize duplicates (based on the actual content of each item's body) and intelligently combine duplicates if they contain differing degrees of detail.

Import Quotations from WikiQuote
Quotations may also be imported from www.WikiQuote.org. Select Import from WikiQuote from the File menu. In the resulting panel, select your desired language, then enter the name of an author and/or a particular work (book, movie, etc.). You may also optionally enter a word or phrase in the Containing field, to search for a quotation containing the entered text (capitalization is not significant).

Click on the Search button to initiate the search of the specified WikiQuote page. You may then click on the Next button repeatedly to see each matching quotation, one by one. When you see a quotation you wish to capture for your collection, click on the Import button. Clicking on the Browse button will open the specified WikiQuote page in your Web browser.

Please note that, due to variability in the way quotations are entered into WikiQuote page, not all quotations may appear as candidates for import.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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