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  • Date: Jan 06, 2015
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glMixer is a real-time graphics mixing software for video performance. What GLMixer does could be described as a mix between audio mixing and video editing. You load a set of video samples, and decide how much each should be visible, where and when to show them, and apply effects on them.
The output of your operations is assembled as flow of images in the main rendering window, which should be displayed fullscreen on an external monitor or projector.
The sound in the video sources is ignored, because mixing audio and graphics have too different criteria and requirements. Deal with the sound in another software.

Live and performance
Unlike video-editing, GLMixer applies in real-time the effects and operations you do. It cannot save a performance as a video because this would be too slow (saving frames and encoding the video). However, the plan is to develop a little brother to GLMixer, GLEncoder, which would replay a mixing session and encode it off-line in a MPEG file.
Live video sources like webcams are also possible to mix.

Graphic interface
The core philosohpy of GLMixer is to make the complex job of video live mixing as easy and intuitive as possible. The graphical interface is therefore designed to be simple but effective. The sources are always visible in their current state (what you see is what you send to the output).
There are three modes : - Mixing view : modify transparency and mix one or several videos simultaneously - Geometry view : manipulate the rectangle of the video : move, scale, rotate. - Layers view : photoshop layers and effects for live video.
Considering the limitations of the mouse as a manipulation interface, and knowing that table-top and other multi-touch interfaces are comming (e.g. IPad), the interaction in GLMixer should evolve towards a direct hand-and-fingers manipulation of the video.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music mixer software.

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