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  • Date: Jul 08, 2008
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gAttach allows you to easily attach files to new messages in Gmail or Google Apps Mail. All the features available in Windows that were once only available to your desktop mail-using friends are now available to all Gmail users. With gAttach!, you can: send emails directly from: Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Windows Live Photo Gallery, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox; automatically attach files from your PC to a new email without manually uploading each file; choose to suppress the annoying standard text provided by Windows ("Your attachments are ready to send.."); handle "mailto" email links in web pages.

gAttach is a free program that integrates Gmail into your system as your default email service, to be used by default instead of a local client when you send email or attach files from the desktop, the browser, or any local applications.

With gAttach you now can use Gmail in lieu of a local client. Here are some examples of things you can do that previously would have automatically opened a local email client (but which gAttach will re-route to Gmail):
1. Send "mailto" email from the browser: most sites feature "mailto" links to send email that typically open the default email client and pre-populate the email and subject (see image to the right). gAttach will ensure that these open Gmail rather than a local client such as Outlook Express.
2. Send files by email using the send to menu: right click on any file, go to the send to menu, and click on "Mail Recipient" (see first screenshot above). You will be asked whether or not you want to resize the picture, and after that instead of opening a default local email client gAttach will open the Gmail login page, where it will create a new draft email with the file uploaded as an attachment.
3. Email any file from within Windows explorer: using the "email file" link that exists in Windows Explorer (on the left explorer pane under "File and Folder Tasks"). Behaves in the very same way as emailing using the send to menu.
4. Send links from the browser: see image to the right (from Internet Explorer). You can now send this Freewaregenius URL to your friends and be sure that IE will use Gmail rather than a local email client.
5. Other programs: gAttach will work globally from any local application that you can send email from. You can send attachments directly from applications like Picasa, Windows Photo Gallery, Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email tool software.

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