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  • Date: Mar 29, 2013
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doPublicity Digital Signage Manager Download
Free Download doPublicity Digital Signage Manager 4.8

doPublicity Digital Signage Manager is a digital signage software for display of Templates, Images, Video, Web Pages. It is all-inclusive and does not require any complex hardware or software setup.

doPublicity provides a comprehensive and easy to use Digital Signage software that works on any Windows (2000, XP, Vista, 7) PC connected to a TV (LCD / LED / Plasma / Projection) or Monitor. The Digital Signs software is all-inclusive and does not require any complex hardware or software setup.

Advantages of doPublicity Digital Signage
1. Proven to increase sales to your captive clientele, while they are in your location
2. Use our built-in tools to create customized dynamic advertising content
3. Utilize any Custom Content (Video / Images) you may have received from an outside agency
4. Display Web pages / URL
5. Display Banner at bottom of screen with Custom Messages and / or RSS Feed
6. Use Dayparting to target different customers at different times of day
7. Flexibility to modify your campaign offerings instantly - adjust to foot-traffic and special occasions
8. Automatic shut off / turn on of screens - save electricity / increase screen life
9. Ability to display both Horizontal and Vertical orientation
10. Trouble-free revenue generating opportunity

doPublicity Digital Signage Manager is a handy tool that provides a comprehensive and easy to use Digital Signage software that works on any PC connected to a TV or Monitor for display of Templates, Images, Video, Web Pages and Scrolling Banner.

doPublicity is a solution that lets users Remotely Manage Display Screens, Signage Content, Banner and Playlist setting for all installations, from a single location. This is a good fit for Business Owners and Display Signage Network Integrators and Operators looking for low cost and flexibility with loads of features. View Online Demos and see all features of doPublicity Digital Signage Manager software and Remote Service.

Test Drive Digital Signage Templates - Digital Signage Templates allow users to customize and create stunning visual Digital Signs using their own images and descriptive text. In addition, doPublicity offers product specific Digital Signage Templates that can be used to enhance personalization of marketing messages. The signage software also lets users display Custom Digital Content (Images / Videos / Commercial / Infomercial / Web Pages) that have been procured from outside agencies or vendors.

doPublicity Digital Signage Manager have 3 Edtions: PRO, PRO+ and PRO+RS.

doPublicity Digital Signage Manager Features:
1. Templates Available (PRO+: 50,PRO+RS: 270+)
2. Display Images , Video and Web Pages / URL
3. Horizontal / Vertical screen orientation
4. Set Layout Border Thickness and Color
5. Screen Display Logs
6. Set Working Days of Week / Hours of Day
7. Dayparting
8. Scheduling Future Displays
9. Schedule Computer (Player) Auto-Reboot
10. Auto Screen Turn ON / OFF
11. Display Scrolling Banner with Custom Message / RSS Feed
12. Display Split Screen Content in 1, 2, 3 or 4 Sections
13. Display on Primary or Secondary Screen (PRO+ , PRO+RS)
14. Add Audio to Custom Templates (PRO+ , PRO+RS)
15. Remotely Setup Screen Display settings (PRO+RS)
16. Remotely Setup Content (PRO+RS)
17. Remotely Setup Playlist (PRO+RS)
18. Order Customized Templates (PRO+RS)
19. View Display Reports Remotely (PRO+RS)
20. View Screen Operating Logs Remotely (PRO+RS)
21. Manage Multiple Screens simultaneously (PRO+RS)
22. Remote Service Subscription included (PRO+: 1 Month,PRO+RS: 12 Months)

NOTE: Users will be required to register for a free trial activation key here.

* NET Framework
* Internet connection for trial activation

* Limited features

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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