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  • Date: May 02, 2011
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Extract blood TACs with this tool. blo2kbq can extract and calibrate blood TACs measured using automatic blood sampling systems (ABSS, "blood pump").
Here is an example for using this tool: blo2kbq -i=O -d=O -c=S:/Lab/plasma/bsampler_calibration/pump_cal.dat sr452_blo.bld.

Usage: blo2kbq [Options] <Blood pump file>

Calibration coefficients for ABSS and well-counter should be specified with calibration file (2), given with option -c.
If calibration file is given, then the isotope name (C-11, F-18, Ga-68, Ge-68 or O-15) must be entered (if not correctly specified inside pump file) so that the correct well-counter calibration factor can be used.
Data is corrected for physical decay; isotope can optionally be given with this option.
If ABSS measurement was not started at the time of injection, the delay t (sec) must be entered with option -start=<t>. If data collection was started before injection, enter a negative value for t; activities before that time are removed from the output data.
-v[=<blood density>]
With option -v activities are divided with the blood density 1.06 to get kBq/g values, rather than kBq/mL. If blood density is different from default 1.06 g/mL, it can be entered after -v.
Sample times are written in minutes (in seconds by default).
-l -r -t
The counts or activity values are printed as an average of the two channels by default. With options -l and -r the left (ch2) or right (ch1) column is shown. With option -t both columns are shown.
For reading of the measurement date, local time zone can be used with option -z instead of Greenwich main time (default).
Filename for corrected TAC data, can be entered with option -o. If not given, then files are written to the directory where input file was. Calibrated file is named *.kbq and non-calibrated *.dat by default.
-s[canditronics], -a[llogg], -allogg2
ABSS produces device-specific file formats; this option is needed if format can not be correctly identified from file extension (*.lis, *.bld, *.alg, or *.txt).
-h or --help
Print this message and exit
--version or --build
Print software build information and exit
Program works silently, printing only error and warning messages
Program prints more information about what it is doing.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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