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  • Date: Oct 03, 2013
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ZipX Download
Free Download ZipX 3.01

ZipX is a powerful and easy-to-use file compression and encryption utility for Microsoft Windows. It supports extraction of files from many different archive formats, and can create both Zip and CAB archives.
ZipX is compatible with both WinZip and PKZip and many other popular archive programs. However, some of ZipXs features are quite advanced and might produce zip files that cannot be extracted in other archive utilities. For example, the use of digital certificates for encryption means that apart from ZipX, only PKWAREs SecureZip will be able to extract files from these archives.
ZipX also supports WinZips new PPMd compression method. This method, being relatively new, may not be supported by other
archive programs (apart from WinZip, of course). It gives very good compression, albeit at a much slower speed than the standard Deflate algorithm.
But the choice is yours. You dont have to use the advanced capabilities if all you want to do is generate a simple zip file that can be read by any zip utility.
Features of ZipX include:
- Support for many popular archive formats including Zip, 7Zip, ACE, ARC, ARJ, RAR, CAB, LHA, JAR, TAR, TGZ, ZOO.
- Create Zip and CAB archives.
- Support for large Zip files (>4GB).
- Support all compression methods including WinZips new PPMd compression method and Deflate64
- Support for PKZip strong encryption standard for all encryption methods (AES, DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4).
- Support for encryption using digital certificates.
- Support for encrypted file names (as per PKZip standard)
- Support for extracting files encrypted with WinZips strong encryption methods.
- Encode files in UU Enc format for transmission over the internet.
- Support for PKZip disk spanning.
- Auto repair of damaged zip archives.
- Provides a tool to encrypt stand-alone files that are not part of a zip archive using strong encryption methods.
- Internal file viewer for viewing files in text/binary format.
- Implements easy to use WinZip-like user interface.
- Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer when creating/updating zip files.
- Integrates into the Windows shell so that zip support is available via Windows Explorer.
- Provides a tool to split an existing archive into multiple segments according to user selected size.
- Creates self extracting archive (SFX) from a existing zip file. Can also convert a zip SFX into a normal zip archive.
- And most of the standard zip features found in WinZip (Virus scanning, zip file testing, software installation etc).

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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