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  • Date: Jan 04, 2011
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    Word Processing
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Free Download Word Unscrambler 12-30-10

Word Unscrambler is able to unscramble any word or short phrases (currently up to three words) in a very efficient manner; only one pass through the dictionary is needed. It is preloaded with a dictionary but also allows you to use your own dictionary. Unscramble words fast and easy.

Word Unscrambler Features:
1. Easy To Use (Simple and Intuitive GUI)
2. Very Efficient (requires only one pass through the dictionary)
3. Dynamic (works with any text based dictionary)

The program already comes with the preloaded dictionaries needed for the the program to run. If you would like to use another dictionary, simply delete the file "base_dictionary.txt" and upon the next startup of the program, you should be prompted with an open file dialog for the dictionary file you want to use. At this point, a copy of the dictionary will be made and all other files needed will be generated. Therefore, you should only have to do this once and the next time you should not be prompted again for the dictionary.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this word processing software.

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