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  • Date: Dec 20, 2009
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Wii Remote Mouse Download
Free Download Wii Remote Mouse

Wii Remote Mouse Application, Wii Remote Mouse allows you to control your PC using one or more Nintendo Wii Remotes, you can use with or without a Wii Sensor bar. It was developed with the WiimoteLib library.

Allows you to use one or more Wii Remotes on your windows XP or Vista computer

Things you will need:
* 1 or more Wii Remotes ($70 AUD ea)
* Windows XP or Vista PC with bluetooth connectivity (Microsoft Stack preferred)
(you can purchase a Bluetooth USB dongle for $10 AUD if your computer isnt bluetooth enabled),
I recommend the D-Link DBT-120 USB DOngle (www.dlink.com/products/?pid=34)
* OPTIONAL: Cordless Wii Sensor bar ($15 AUD)
If dont you have a cordless or seperate wii sensor bar you have three options:

1) Dont use the pointer on the screen - you can still control the mouse with the nunchuck

2) You can use your wiis sensorbar, but you must follow these steps:
* Make sure you Wii is OFF
* Connect your Wiimotes to your computer and get the program running with them conencted
* Turn your Wii on and use the Sensor bar from that

3) See section under making your own glove in this file to use your fingers instead

Hold down buttons 1 & 2 on all remotes that you wish to connect (if the LEDs stop flashing, release
and hold buttons 1 & 2 again) and run WiiMouse.exe, wait for connection, if it dosnt detect all of the
remotes you are trying to connect just use the Force Re-Detect button and keep those lights flashing on
all remotes.

NOTE: If your bluetooth stack does not use Microsofts implementation, you will have to use your
bluetooth icon to connect your wiimotes manually, do this by holding buttons 1 & 2 down and
using your bluetooth connection icon.

Once connected the program will say "X wiimotes connected, point the wiimote(s) at the Wii Sensorbar...".

Controls once connected:

WiiMote Pointer Mode
1. Up, Down, Left, Right - Scrolls window (automatically detects when control is held sideways)
2. A - Left mouse button
3. B - Right mouse button
4. + - Ctrl+MouseWheel (zoom in - in browsers)
5. - - Ctrl+MouseWheel (zoom out - in browsers)
6. 1 button - Flashses battery level on remote while held
7. Home - Show / Hide desktop
8. Nunchuck Flick Left / Right - Alt Shift Tab, Alt Tab
9. Nunchuck Flick Forward - Maximize window under cursor
10. Nunchuck Flick Backward - Restore / Minimize window under cursor
11. Nunchuck Joystick (Wiimote pointing at sensor bar, wiimote cursor on screen) - Scroll around
12. Nunchuck Joystick (Wiimote NOT pointing at sensor bar, wiimote cursor not on screen) - Move cursor
13. Nunchuck Joystick Holding Z (Wiimote NOT pointing at sensor bar) - Scroll window
14. Nunchuck Hold Z and flick - move window to screen position (forward - half up, back - half down, right half right, left half left)
15. Virtual Keyboard - Hold C button on nunchuk to show virtual keyboard
16. WiiMote off screen holding 2 button - tilt to move cursor

SoftSea Editor's Note: this program Wii Remote Mouse compatible with WIN32 (XP or Vista) using .NET 3.5 Only.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this game utility software.

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