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  • Date: Jan 24, 2012
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Vocab Builder is a language tool which use flash-card inspired repetition to help build your vocabulary in a foreign language.

Vocab Builder is a tool to test and build your vocabulary in a foreign language. Soon, when Vocab Builder is officially released, I plan to allow users to upload and collaborate on tests for the enjoyment of everyone.

Unlike most other tools using a similar testing method, Vocab Builder does not limit you to a specific set of languages. You do not need to buy or download a separate tool to learn a different language. The purpose of Vocab Builder is to allow users to learn any language, no matter their native tongue. If your native language is German, and you want to learn Japanese, this is the tool for you! If you speak Punjabi and want to learn French, this tool will allow you to do so!

What It Is
1. Vocab Builder is a tool for building vocabulary in a foreign language.
2. It is a complementary tool to formal learning in a classroom or private environment. In the spirit of using classic, self-created, flash-card style quizzing, you can build your own database of word sets in Vocab Builder to test yourself against!

What It Is Not
1. It is not a replacement to formal learning.
2. It is not meant to be a language resource. Meaning, it won't ship with anything but a test/example database. The onus is on you to create your own custom word sets to test yourself on. Ultimately, it is you who knows what words you know, or don't, and those you need to work on.

Running Vocab Builder (Client)
Vocab Builder can be launched from Application/Start menu, the desktop, or a command line with the command 'vb_client'. Start testing yourself against one of the example databases or dive right in to the editor (see below) to start creating your own word list to test yourself against!

Running Vocab Editor
Vocab Builder's Editor is used to create your own custom database or view ones you've downloaded. You are free to change, modify or copy any compatible databases for Vocab Builder in accordance to their respective license, or failing that, the GPL3 license supplied with this program.

This program can be run from from either Application/Start menu, the desktop, or a command line with the command 'vb_editor'. You can optionally supply a database to edit from the command line or open one from within the editor.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this word processing software.

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