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  • Date: Jul 29, 2011
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VideoImageGrabber Download
Free Download VideoImageGrabber 1.2.2

VideoImageGrabber is a utility that grabs images from video file and saves them with JPEG extension.

It will make saving all video image file a simple task as pressing two buttons : "Refresh Library" and "Save all images". If you are in a hurry, you can simply press these two buttons or you can take an in-depth look at your images and fine tune them.

Some video file does not come with a thumbnail image or some can't be extracted. So even using the media center "Video Library" you get no image displayed. An mkv file is such an example. In order to see an image, you simply need to put an image beside the video file with the same name as the video file plus the extension ".jpg". To make those change appear in the default "Video library" browser from Media Center, you will need to delete the thumbs.db file.
When using the default "Video library" browser from Media Center you will gain speed access. The browser won't need to extract the image from the video file. It will already be there. Make sure you deleted the thumbs.db file for the change to take effect.
It enable you to select a better image describing the video, sometimes the image will be blank because the video start with a blank images, so with an image file you can select which image will be displayed for the video.
You also gain in resolution, now you can have the image at the same resolution as the original video, or even higher.

Extensions of video file recognized by VideoImageGrabber : ".WAV", ".MID", ".MIDI", ".WMA", ".MP3", ".OGG", ".RMA", ".AVI", ".MP4", ".DIVX", ".WMV", ".MKV", ".MPG", ".MP2", ".ASF", ".MPEG", ".ASX" .

Some image can't be extracted with DirectShow, notably mp4 and mkv files. You'll need to process them manually. See section "The Image Tab". You can also specify another process to extract the image.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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