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Video Color Toy Download
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Video Color Toy is a video colorizer for use with Windows video capture devices. A video colorizer (false color generator) for use with Windows video capture devices -- including Web-cams and TV Tuners. From "not so subtle" cartoon enhancements to crazy wild color effects, this software lets you explore a world of video color effects. Turns normal TV into a whole new experience.
Includes several different colorizer modes including table based lookup colorizing. In addition to processing video from a live video source, MPG format video files can be used as an alternate video source. Mode selections and the colorizer settings are saved as presets which are mapped to the keyboard keys for instant recall. Presets can be loaded or saved in banks.

1. Run the program. When it starts up, it will default to "unprocessed video" that is coming from your video capture device. You should see an active video window in the upper left corner of the control panel.
2. Press the button "Load Presets" on the lower center panel window. Using the file selector, load the file "demo.coz" that is included with the program.
3. Press the keyboard keys A through Z to select colorizer presets. ( Or select the virtual keys with the mouse)
4. Using the mouse, select the "Full Screen" button in the upper right of the colorizer control panel window. (press the ESC key to return back to the window controls. )
5. Continue pressing keys A through Z.
The program can get its source video from either a live video capture device or a MPEG (*.mpg") file. In the upper right corner of the control panel is a VIDEO or MPEG radio selector. The "Mode" radio selection buttons determine which colorizer mode will be used. There are seven different modes. The mode that is selected will determine which controls (sliders) are available. Some modes have more controls that other modes.

* Video Capture Device (Windows DirectX)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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