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  • Date: Oct 08, 2010
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    FlowChart & Diagram
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Free Download Venn Diagram Plotter 1.4.3740.38143

Draws Venn diagrams. Venn Diagram Plotter will draw correctly proportioned and positioned Venn diagrams, supporting both 2-circle and 3-circle Venn diagrams (though the overlap regions of 3-circle Venn diagrams are not always to scale). A Venn diagram is a method of visualizing the amount of overlap between two (or three) lists of data, using circles to signify the size of each circle and positioning the circles such that the area of overlap represents the amount of list overlap.

The program includes a graphical user interface (GUI) where the user enters sizes and amount of overlap between the two (or three) lists (the overlap must be determined separately by the user). The resultant Venn diagrams are displayed, the colors can be customized, and the diagrams can be copied to the clipboard or saved to disk.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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