Variable Framerate Rx

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  • Date: Aug 02, 2010
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Variable Framerate Rx (VFRx) converts variable framerate video to constant framerate h264 video. Audio conversion / extraction is not performed - you will need other tools to do that.

The latest version of this software is a complete rewrite of the previous application. Older versions used Avidemux for processing. The latest versions use AviSynth and x264 to directly convert the video. Output is faster and results are generally of better visual quality. Decombing is performed with the Vinverse filter (included).

AviSynth uses DirectShow for playing back the source video. If filters are not installed for the specific video you are trying to convert, VFRx cannot convert it. A quick test is to try to play the video in Windows Media Player - if it plays you can convert it.

Fixes audio sync problems by converting variable framerate video to constant framerate video. Experiencing a progressive loss of audio sync in a video? Already tried changing framerate and stretching the audio track but it did not fix the problem? Variable framerates within the video may be the cause.

It is a simple tool that automates the process of batch converting variable framerate video to constant framerate video. Specify a target framerate and any non-conforming scenes are converted to the target framerate. Afterwords, mux the audio track with the converted video.

Variable Framerate Rx Features:
1. Transcoding to constant framerate.
2. Batch processing of jobs.
3. Use basic filters or custom filters scripting.
4. Customize the AviSynth script for each job.
5. Supports major output codecs and container formats.
6. Works best with high quality live-action video.

* AviSynth
* Avidemux
* FFDShow
* .NET Framework 4.0

* Audio tracks are not processed and must be muxed after conversion.
* Converted scenes may experience jitter.
* Preview of video is not possible. Any previewing while using the frameserver inserts random frames into the video.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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