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  • Date: Apr 17, 2010
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Travel Witch Download
Free Download Travel Witch 1.1

Travel Witch is designed for planning trips, short or long. You can use the program for planning your professional trips, for the family holiday or the big adventure trip you longed for. The idea is to plan the entire trip in Travel Witch, part by part, and write down all particulars for every part in the trip.

The planning can be done during a long time, the planned trip is always at your fingertips and you can change the planning as new ideas crops up or old ones are scrapped.

Search for your trains, flights, hotels, museums etc. on the Internet and "Cut and paste" the information into Travel Witch. A screen with graphics shows your entire trip and you get a good grip of the length of different stays and travels. You can also see the cost for a smaller or bigger part of the trip and keep track of bookings and payments.

Make a print out just before you leave and you will have all planning for the trip on a couple of pages.

New project/trip
Every project in Travel Witch is stored in separate database. To start planning of a project/trip you have to create and save a database.
Open "Archive -> New project" and write the name of your project in the file window. Press "Save" and the database is created. It is now open and the planning can start.

Start the planning
If the project has been started at another occasion the database has to be opened before the work can commence. Do this with "Archive -> Open project".
The actual planning is started with the menu "Schedules -> Scheduling". A window with an editing panel and a graphics is opened. The main part of the work is done here as the graphics gives an overview of the planning

Enter a new event
Every event, a train journey, a hotel stay, a museum visit, etc., is planned separately. Press the button "New" and write the events details in the panel. "Start day" is weekday and is automatically updated when date is changed. "Document show" opens a word processor that can be used for all kinds of notes for the event. Booking confirmations, train schedules, opening hours are just a few examples. A practical way of doing this is to "Cut and paste" from mails and Internet sites.
Do not forget to "Save" when an event has been edited.

Change an event
Point and click on the event in the graphics. It will be read into the editing panel and can be changed there. Don't forget to save the changes.

Printing can be done for a specific event or for a time period.
To print a specific event you point and click on it and then open its document. Then print it with the print button in the word processor.
Printing for a time period is done via the "Print" menu. These prints will contain all data for the period and are suitable to bring on the trip.

The graphic can be moved on the screen by the buttons on the panel called "Graphics".
It can also be moved with the mouse. Point on it and press the right mouse button and the graphic can be dragged with the mouse.
Left mouse button is used to change the scale.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $25.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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