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  • Date: Jan 26, 2011
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    Email Server
TM-POP3 Server Download
Free Download TM-POP3 Server 2.14

TM-POP3 Server delivers your e-mail fast and fully integrates with Microsoft SMTP server for Windows NT/2000/XP/2K3. Supports multiple user mailboxes, multiple domains, e-mail aliases, distribution lists, remote administration, logging, and security controls. Admin account supports remote configuration and e-mail auditing for monitoring or archiving all received mail. Includes security access controls to limit connections from only certain IP addresses. Runs as a Windows service which can be configured to run at system boot. Installation and configuration couldn't be easier with the automated installer and administration tool.

Why pay lots of money for Microsoft Exchange Server when you won't even use the majority of the features?

The server and administration tool are designed to not require any additional system DLL's, which means the server will never conflict with other software! The TmPop3 server, TmPop3 Administration tool, and help documentation are included in the installation download. TM-POP3 Server is stable, fast, and efficient.

TM-POP3 Server is perfect for webmasters, small businesses, and corporations. This software is free to try and evaluate! The software is limited to 3 mailboxes until a registered license key is purchased. Buying a license only costs a fraction of what other POP3 servers costs. Make TM-POP3 Server your e-mail solution today!

Need to configure your POP3 server remotely? No problem! TM-POP3 Server includes remote management extensions which allow the easy-to-use administration GUI to change configuration settings, add/delete mailboxes, and restart the server. The TmPop3 Admin makes your life easier by not having to go to the actual machine every time a new mailbox or configuration setting needs to be changed.
Technical Specifications


TmPop3 Server runs as a background Windows service. This means the server can start as soon as the computer has booted (windows login not required). The server is lightweight, extremely fast, and super efficient!

Mail Protocol

POP3 (RFC 1939) - Supported POP3 Commands include USER, PASS, STAT, LIST, RETR, DELE, QUIT, TOP, UIDL, RST, and NOOP. TmPop3 Server extensions include VER, RCON, GETCFG, LISTCFG, SETCFG, DELCFG and RESTART.


TmPop3 Server is multithreaded and built to handle millions of e-mail transactions flawlessly without EVER needing to reboot. Install, configure, and never worry about it again.

Disk Usage
268 KB DISK - Server executable size is the smallest you will find for a production server. TmPop3 Server does not require any additional DLL's or components to function.

Resource Usage

1,408 KB RAM - Idle memory usage is just over 1 Megabyte. CPU usage will maintain 0% until a client connects or mail requires delivery.

Remote Administration
Includes POP3 server extensions which allow remote administration through the easy-to-use admin GUI or by using TELNET.

Help Documentation

Everything you need to install, configure, and use TmPop3 server is contained in the included help documentation.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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