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  • Date: Aug 21, 2014
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SynthEyes Download
Free Download SynthEyes 1407 Build 30

SynthEyes is a camera-tracking system and match-moving application. With it, you can process your film or video shot to determine the motion and field of view of the camera taking the shot, or track an object moving within it.

SynthEyes can also help you stabilize your shots, taking full advantage of its two and three-dimensional tracking capabilities to help you generate rock-solid moving-camera shots. The comprehensive stabilization feature set gives you full directorial control over stabilization.

If you work with film images, especially for TV, the stabilization system can also help you avoid some common mistakes in film workflows that compromise 3-D tracking, rendering, and effects work.
And if you are working on a 3D stereo movie (two cameras), SynthEyes can not only help you add 3-D effects, but it can help you match the two shots together to reduce eyestrain.

Sizzle supports three different script types: importers, tools, and exporters. The importers read an input file, typically to add a new object or tracker path to the scene. An exporter examines the scene, producing an output file that will later be read by a computer-graphics or compositing package. Sizzle tools examine the scene and optionally make changes.

Sizzle uses objects and attributes to represent entities within SynthEyes, such as trackers and cameras. A camera has attributes including its position and focal length, while a tracker provides attributes about its position in the world and the image plane.

Sizzle uses a simplified operator precedence, especially compared to C++. The precedences have been adjusted to make embedding script in boilerplate easy.

Sizzle allows scripts to set up new attributes for shots, objects, trackers, meshes, lights, and splines.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $499.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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